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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Help our Customers Optimise their Cloud Environments and Save Costs

Our Story

Where we’ve Been …

We’ve pioneered innovative technology solutions for decades. Our collective experience ranges from infrastructure architecture and software development to  partnering with the world’s leading technology vendors. Almost a decade ago we started working with public cloud and realised early that service based technology will revolutionize traditional IT.


We have extensive experience with large corporations, our expertise extend across multiple industries and geographies. We have a good track record of exceeding solution delivery expectations to meet client requirements. Our reputation for successful solution design, implementations, client relationship building and keen eye for detail has been established through the delivery of business outcomes. The goal we constantly strive for and achieve is to provide corporations with high quality and reliable Cloud and infrastructure solutions, products and services.


From this experience, one common theme arises. Organizations are struggling to meet the demands of today’s fast paced business environments and are rapidly moving to agile public cloud. Yet at the same time organisation want to reduce waste whilst maintaining operational efficiency and budget control. We build solutions that help bridge the gap between public cloud and cloud optimization to reduce overall costs.

And Where We’re Headed

We started Cloudomatic to help customers save costs when using agile cloud, capture cloud intelligence, and help our customers make data driven decisions.


Our Cost Saving as a Service philosophy partners with our customer to work with them to save costs.



Zoran Gagic


Andrew Herman

Sales Manager

Alwyn Arthur

Marketing Manager

James Kwok

Software Developer

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